Air conditioning and heating systems can go out or act funny for a wide variety of reasons. External environment, internal components, wiring, the age of the mechanisms and usage can all affect an HVAC system’s performance. Whatever the reason, we all want our heating and cooling to operate properly and reliably.

Anchor HVAC technicians reliably determine what went wrong with your HVAC system with a battery of diagnostic tests. Temperature, pressure, carbon monoxide, combustion, and humidity are all variables in the A/C unit or heater, and an imbalance in one of these variables can result in loss of function.

Anchor Heating & Cooling is ready to diagnose the following symptoms:

  • Loss of A/C cooling capacity (won’t cool a given space)
  • Loss of heating capacity (won’t heat a given space)
  • Reduced functioning of temperature output in AC or heating system (not as cold/hot as before)
  • Loss of cool or heated air supply (fan works, but nothing else)
  • Complete loss of air flow (nothing working!)
  • A/C: Leaking of refrigerant
  • A/C: Unusual humidity, coil icing or other exchange imbalance
  • Blower fan AUTO ON controls or timer issues
  • Burned out compressor
  • Strange noises or clicks during operation
  • Unreliable motor (issues getting system to turn on)
  • Controls check: thermostats, circuit breakers, service switches, contactor relay, metering devices, valves, A/C or heat pump pressure switches, safety shut-offs

Energy Savings

In addition to mechanical and electrical diagnostics, Anchor Heating & Cooling also offers consulting on how to make your home more energy efficient. Our experienced technicians understand how circulation, windows and building orientation can affect the efficiency of an HVAC system. A home or commercial diagnostic for energy efficiency can get a proprietor started down the cost-saving path of smarter ways to keep your home at the right temperature.

Contact an Anchor technician to schedule an appointment for diagnostic services.